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December 30, 2009
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The hands of the clock move closer together as times infinite influence brings it all to an end. It begins and ends with this single tick of a tock. You can hear your heart match the clock beat and it seems to want to go for eternity.
Silence hears nothing.
People hear each other.
The earth hears the sounds of the sky.
The moon hears the everlasting cries of the stars.

He sits and understands all at once that everything has a time and a place. His hand is held against the glass to watch as he leaves an impression that will only last a few ticks. How many times has this hand held something important? Something he could grasp as solid, profound and incomprehensible. The wind gently brushed his golden hair as his grass-green eyes flickered across the room to see what was disturbing his deep repose. A silent silhouette passed by only glimpsing him with a silent eye, her hand, as impossible to comprehend as her existence in the first place. He could see her whispering her last words over and over again as if re-living each and every excruciating moment. He could see everything that was flowing through her mind, the pain and surprise as the knife went straight through her delicate neck, and he could even hear the words as she lost her reality and became something insubstantial. He wished in his heart that he could understand. He really wanted to be able to know what it was that drove this ghost on. Why it remained unable to leave this world?

Just as his mind wandered away she too dissolved and became, once again, one with the air and its intriguing invisibleness. He knew that she was still here, flittering between death and existence. Which, he wondered, would win in the end?

He pulled his hand away from the window as the cold pierced his nerves and his mind reacted. He looked at the hand print now crying on the window. The condensation which had covered the window was spreading itself like the smog of the ether. He looked out of the window to see the bitter rain create pathetic fallacy in his mind. His eyes wandered and he looked at the garden. The flowers were dying, the trees were covered in the grim reaper's touch and even the earth itself was giving itself up to the icy looming grasp of winter's embrace. The trees were like soldiers at the end of an inevitably futile war. They would all soon succumb to the onslaught of death. Yet, he marvelled at their effort to hold onto what little of the autumn they had left. Mostly the colours had given way to auburn, crimson and gold. The colours were awe-inspiring and fantastical to the eyes imagination. It was as if he were sitting on a hill top looking through a filter as the sun burst into flames before him. He turned his eyes skyward.   

The gray clouds above made it seem like this was all a dream that he would wake from and the sun would belt light into his surprised face. He knew that was a fantasy. Something he was making up. He wanted to stay in the fantasy as did most people. Reality was nothing but a harsher way of living but not everyone has these beautiful visions of beauty and wonder. The light breeze from the window brushed passed him again and his body shivered. Yes, winter was definitely on its way. Not faltering for even a second. Trying to hold onto the autumn was like trying to hold the ocean back or the sun from setting. Everything follows the tick and the tock of time even the sky and heavens.

The fire behind him flickered.
This upsetting interruption distracted him from his thoughts and dreaming.
He rubbed his hand.
He sighed.
Then he unwittingly rose from his seat by the window and moved towards the jealous fire. He sat in an armchair and basked in the warmth emanating from the hearth.
He smiled.
The window rattled.
The warmth of the fire was eagerly eating away his numbness and replacing it with satisfying heat.
He wondered again.
There was silence.
He always sat in this room for hours on end reading, writing or just simply thinking. The latter he enjoyed more than anything and the former he found as just his creative break. He loved to contemplate things that others didn't and he felt a certain satisfaction in being able to hold his thoughts together while some just feel apart. He knew he saw things differently, everyone did, but he always felt a little different even above normal standards.

He smelt rather then saw the tea.
It was perched beside him like a tiny bird. He let his hand reach out for it but he remembered his hand's numbness and instead grasped it with the other.
He sipped it.
Tea was a pastime as well. This was especially true on the days approaching the end of autumn. The tea reminded him of times long ago and the possible onset of things to come. Even though others saw it as a beverage it was more then that for him. Simple things have a greater meaning and context when it is applied to memory. Even a blade of grass is a memory for someone. There is also the wonderful feeling of defying time by simply getting lost in one's own memory. Emotions like many things connect everything and everyone. One memory may lead us to a dead end. Something that makes us fear its presence in our minds. It's something that we never want to be reminded of, something that is just too painful and causes us to reach for the warmth.
On the other side there are memories that leave us with the feeling of elation and the greatest feeling in the known world. Something that is sacred, magnificent and makes us comfortable places we never want to forget, things we love to do and faces we want to remain in our lives forever.

While he contemplated these amazing and wonderful thoughts, again lost in his own magnificent world of questions and answers, a man stood at the door watching him silently not wanting to disturb the mans inner sanctum.
This man stature is short enough, his eyes though human hold a more magnificent story yet untold and they take in the room at a quick glance, his eyes have lived through ages long forgotten, still to come and at present are in awe of the selection of books displayed there, his eye colour never seeming to stay they seemed to flicker of blue and grey. His stature was enough that he could see just to the sixth shelf and this was his current occupation.

He sipped his tea and smiled gently at the warmth that hit his mouth and the comfort that was being produced by the fire. He sat back against the armchair enjoying its softness and position. He closed his eyes for a few seconds and thought deep and wonderful thoughts of different things and imaginings.

Suddenly a book from one of the shelves thudded against the carpeted floor sending light shock waves of sound and feeling through the air.

His eyes bolted open and darted in the direction of the source of this disturbance and his eyes meet with his guests.
This only lasted for a few ticks of the eternal clock but in his visitors eyes he saw, worlds of beauty, creatures of destruction, company that had come and gone and most amazing was the thought of lives lived and then changed all in one glance.

He admired his guest from his seat before speaking. His guest was of short stature but he had an enormous presence that counter balanced this. His brown hair bounced on his shoulders gleefully like a child playing jump rope, his face was soft yet had resilience that would cause him to be more then what he seemed, and his clothes suited the period of this era.
"Doctor Smith...when did you come in?" he tilted his head slightly as he took in the sight of him, his voice resonating surprise.
"Actually just a few seconds ago…" he smiled as he lifted the book delicately like a child and put it back amongst the collection.
"Well…forgive my rudeness…please take a seat…you wanted to speak with me?" he gestured to a seat opposite him that was vacant by the fire.
"I was watching you…" his guest takes his seat looking deep into the flames as it spat and seared.
"I must look rather strange while thinking to myself…I get so caught up in my own world that…everything else just vanishes for me…" his eyes shine with the fires as he seems once again to become entangled in his own little realm.
"There is nothing strange about it...i have often been caught unaware of my own wandering mind...sometimes it's the best therapy to just sit and think" a friendly smile played Mr. Smiths face.
He smiles himself knowing the feeling all too well as he lifts his head to distract his eyes from the harshness of the flames burning ember and looks to his guest.
Mr Smith seemed preoccupied also with thoughts as he measured up this man who sat before him, white shirt, waistcoat of a mixture of golden brown, a silk cravat placed neatly into the waistcoat, deep green long overcoat, a gold pocket watch shone brightly as he clipped it and looked at the precious numbers within, the only piece of clothing that seemed odd were his shoes they were of a material he had never seen before. The overall attire seemed to just fit him as if he was born to wear such clothes but that couldn't be, he was being ridiculous, he suddenly realises that Mr Smith is looking directly at him.
"Are my clothes really that strange to you...or is it my shoes?...if you are curious i received them from a-" he falters here "let's say a close friend shall we?...they are unusual but i must say they are perfect!" smiles happily moving his feet to prove the point making him look rather comical.
He laughs as he settles down into the atmosphere being created by such pleasant company.

The two men sat comfortably for a while discussing many different things, weather, politics, animals and amazingly time. Both looked like old friends catching up for the first time in years as they chatted the evening hours away well into the night.
Mr Smith for some reason kept coming back to a certain topic that had little or no relevance to the previous conversations we had been having all this time. He kept bringing up the word "Technology" for some reason or other.
As the sky outside, as nature has always done, became darker and the only source of light to be found was either from the fire, candles or the now no so visible sun the latter having been consumed by the earth the people of the house were readying for night.

"Mr Smith?..." he looked to his conversational companion for the last few hours with intrigue in his expression.
"I know what you are going to ask me and i find it rather silly that you have not brought this to my attention before now..." seems to be saying this to him but all the while Mr Smiths eyes are looking at the dying flames of the fire.
"Yes... I was just seemed so nice for a while to sit here and chat with you about...well normality for a change..." his green eyes kept firmly on the person opposite him.
"Isn't that always the way things have comfort, warmth, a good companion to converse with, the hour's flyby, a good cup of hot tea..." his eyes drift up to his "then the reality comes crashing back like a sudden thunder storm at sea...up heaving everything, make us face what we don't want to...must we stop now?" he asks this for the briefest of moments to no one, as if he expected the wind to answer him, he sighed then.  
His face softens and he lets loose a soft laugh.
"Doctor..." says the man's true name after all this time "The conversation ends when you tell me why you are here and why you assume i don't know why..." he leans forward softly to gaze at the man.
The Doctors eyes slowly go together as he half smirks
"You knew who i was all this time and yet....why? didn't have to do all this...i wanted you to come with me...and i am still me the place you spoke off the first time we met...please...Ree?" he looks him in the face.

Ree gets up slowly and smiles at him, his long black coat draped over his thin shoulders, his bare chest showing underneath, a playful look covers his features.
Not looking at the doctor as he speaks these words
"I will but only if you want me too?"
The doctor stays sitting where he is looking at Ree with wonder and interest, he had only ever met Ree once and even then it was imposable. Gently the Doctor leans forward and places his hands over his mouth as he thinks of a response.

Turning his attention away from the Doctor he walks back over to the window he had spent so much time contemplating at while he waited for the Doctor's inevitable arrival. Now as he glanced to the right of the view he had witnessed earlier though albeit darker due to night fall he could see her. Then again how could he not?
To his extreme right under one of the many trees that had lost their leaves to the cold and unforgiving season he could make her out despite the darkness.
There stood The Doctors beloved T.A.R.D.I.S his ship, his companion and lifelong partner, or so it seemed to Ree at the very least. A big blue box, a 1950's police box, with the words "Police public call box" written along the top, a blue light on top stood out. To those whose eyes worked like everyone else's she was simply thus a big blue box but to those of Ree and others calibre she was so much more.
"You would actually let me traverse with you inside her?...are you sure she would be willing to let me aboard her Doctor?.." glances over his shoulder at him.

The Doctor all this time has been watching Ree with the fascinated childlike curiosity, his eyes glistening still with knowledge, he lets a warm hearted smile play his face.
"She will if she knows that you are someone we can both trust...the old girl is just protective of me as i am of here you understand..." looks to Ree knowing full well that he does "anyway to answer your question i do want you to show me...i can't help letting my mind explore new places that no one else knows about and this sounds like one of those..." he stands and goes to Ree's side glancing to the T.A.R.D.I.S as he does so.

Ree looks to the doctor and nods. He then walks towards the fire and calmly puts it out with a pail of water, the fire hissing like an angry snake as he does so, gives a short smirk at it.
"Then i shall show you Doctor, for of all the people in this universe and otherwise, you are the one who will appreciate it all the more" looks around to see the candles going to each one and blowing them out one by one.
"Ree...what are you? are not what you appear and yet i can't place you...i should be able to but i can't..." says this with slight frustration.
"Don't let it bother you's not for you to know...anyway lets be on our brother will be home shortly so there is no need for me to lock up..." looks to the doctor as he goes to the door.
The Doctor, still unsure of the answer he just received, shrugs and follows him out the door turning back once to see the room then leaving the building altogether with Ree in tow.

To be continued
i have a written piece called contemplation already!
I kinda wanted to try a doctor who fan fiction effort even though its not like that i just wanted to see how it turned out! :blushes:

this is the same "Contemplation" just extended and the doctor is in it as is the tardis! i was just curious to see how flowery and articualte i could get hence why the end is a bit off i wrote it recently!

ree is not a fancharacter by the way hes an original character this was just written for fun im not going to write adventures for ree and the doctor because ree is my own i don't want him labeled as a fancharacter sorry

so please tell me what you think and should i continue it?

doctor who and the tardis are copyright of the bbc

Ree is my own character of my own creation! :heart:
artsytarts Jun 11, 2011  Student General Artist
This story just absulutely pulled me in. I literally forgot everything around me!

It's really really beautiful, marvellous, cool and all the other good things I can think of. Your writing is great and you got the Doctor spot on, I think! And Ree is a wonderful character!

Love it! :heart:

I think you should continue! For one, I'm curious what Ree is and it would be fun to know what adventures they'll have together.
yeahy :hug: thank you and i will try my best!
artsytarts Jun 12, 2011  Student General Artist
No problemo! :icondaleklaplz:
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